Meet the Fantom Accessories – Fantom Hardware

Lets meet the Fantom range of accessories; Whether it be aluminium or steel doors, products to help with installation and retrofit, Fantom Hardware have the accessories to ensure you have the best experience when using the world renowned Fantom Door Stop.

Magnet Housing 

The magnet housing has been designed to allow installation in hollow extrusion, such as aluminium or steel framed doors. It prevents the magnet from being lost inside the extrusion. Can also be used on hollow core doors if necessary


5MM Packer

Want to use the Fantom Doorstop, but worried about the gap being too large from the bottom of the door to finished floor level; no worries, Fantom Hardware has designed a packer to work with the Patented Fantom strike, to ensure the fantom doorstop can be installed whether it be retrofit or new build.

For use when doors have a gap exceeding 10mm. The packer brings down the height of the striker plate and magnet to achieve a lower gap.


Facemount (Available in Chrome and White- Paintable)

Fantom Face-Mounts are designed for use when doors are already installed and the installer does not wish to take the door off, as they would with the standard Fantom Doorstop. Facemounts are ideal for use on front doors which often have thresholds and/or weather seals


Fantom Installation

We also offer a range off items to help with the installation of your Fantom Hardware products. 

Installation Kit- All tools (minus power tools) required to install the Fantom Doorstop

14MM Diamond Corer- For use when installing the Fantom Doorstop in a tiled flooring surface. 

14MM Carpet Punch- For use when installing the Fantom Doorstop in a carpeted flooring surface. 


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