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Can you install Fantom into carpet?

In short pile carpet – absolutely. It is suited to short pile carpet as you can push the sleeve down into the sub-floor to get good bearing without going to deep into the carpet pile. 

Long/deep pile carpet is harder and not advised due to the gap created between the door and the sleeve. (Because the door needs to flow over the carpet and the floor sleeve has to push deep into the pile. More than likely this will create a gap of more than 15mm max recommended.) We have a carpet punch available here.

IMPORTANT INSTALLATION TIP – When installing into carpet, you need to punch or cut away the area of carpet you are about to drill to remove the carpet pile. If you don’t, the carpet will wrap around your drill bit and will cause a run in your flooring. If you don’t have a carpet punch, you can use a Stanley knife or small chisel. 

How is the door released once it is engaged?

The Striker plate is designed with an entry/exit ramp on one side and also a stopping lip on the other side. In the middle there is a hold open area for when the door is resting in the hold open position. To release the pin and close the door simply pull on the door as you normally would and the pin will travel out of the dimple and slide off the plate until the door is free. The pin will then just fall back down into the sleeve. Simple and easy.

How big is the hole you need to drill in the floor?

A standard 14mm hole in the floor 50mm deep.

How strong is the magnet? Will it keep my door open?

It is an N33 Neodymium rare earth magnet. It pulls the pin out of the ground in 2/25ths of a sec. Once it is in the hold open position, it will hold your door there against the strongest of drafts. It does this by working in conjunction with our patented ‘dimple and lip combination’.

What colour choices in are there?

Fantom Doorstop Standard comes in clear, brushed chrome and chrome plated. 

Fantom Doorstop Premium comes in a wide range of colours – black, white, brass, chrome plated, brushed chrome.

What is the recommended gap between the floor and the bottom of the door?

It is recommended that the gap does not exceed 15mm. 

If the gap is 15mm or more, you can purchase a 5mm Fantom Packer, that can be installed between the door and the striker plate. 

This packer is specially designed to bring the striker plate down to an acceptable gap and still allow the magnet to sit down on top of the striker plate ensuring normal function.

How many packers can I use?

We recommend using only 1 packer. This means a 20mm gap under your door will reduce down to less than 15mm. If your gap is bigger the Fantom will not be suitable.

Can I get a longer pin?

No, the pin should only ever lift out of the sleeve by 15mm maximum.With large gaps between the door and the floor, the door components are required to be packed down closer to the floor. We provide a 5mm packer that can be ordered here or your local stockist.

I have large doors and they are quite heavy?

No trouble, larger doors will not affect the function of Fantom at all. Just install as normal. The pin will still fire at the same speed and stop the door and the hold open strength will not change.

Will fantom work even if the exsisting door has a door closer?

As a doorstop - yes it will absolutely work 100%. The only thing we cannot say for sure is whether or not it will definitely work as a hold open device. The reason is because it does depend entirely on the type and strength of closer and also the setting of the closer itself.

We have has many customers use it in this application and still have success as a hold open device.

How do I remove pin from sleeve?

This is easy! Simply swing door slowly towards the sleeve. As you get close to the sleeve you will see the pin start to rise out of the sleeve. Keeping the door there slide your finger under and put some sideways pressure on the pin. Move the door away and pull pin out! Simple.

What maintenance is required?

Very little however, this depends where it is installed. For normal installations there will be no need for any maintenance. If it is installed in areas where exposed to high levels of dust or some liquid compounds, (like found in pubs/bars and factories) then it may be necessary to remove pin from sleeve and give it a wipe over and dry off and place it back in sleeve.

I want to keep my door held ajar. Can I use a fantom?

Yes, if you use the ‘pivot’ striker which has no turn down lip, you can hold the door open in any location and then the door can continue to push past location when desired.

I have aluminium door frames. Will Fantom work?

Yes it will but if the extrusion is hollow then you will need to use our magnet housing which we designed especially for this situation and is available from our website. Otherwise the door will need to be modified to incorporate a solid area which will house the magnet. This could be a section of timber that is cut and glued into place but it will depend on the type of extrusion you have on your door and will be best to deal with the builder or supplier and seek advice. 

I have pivot doors and want to use fantom in the middle instead of drop bolts. Can this be done?

Yes! We have a new specially designed striker plate without the stopping lip especially for pivot doors. This allows the door to be held in position but also allows the door to slide off in both directions. If desired, you can have multiple Fantom’s to create different hold open positions. You can order the pivot striker fromhereor buy it from one of our stockists.

I have double doors, can I use fantom in the door head above the door?

Absolutely! Double doors have an operable door that is walked through and a stationary door that is traditionally held in position by face mounted drop bolts but can also be opened when desired. You can now use the fully concealed Fantom above and below the door instead of the face mounted drop bolts. This means you will have the feature clear sleeves on the floor instead of the metal cover plate for the drop bolts, and when the door is held in its position, Fantom is fully concealed. 

Best of all, when you open both doors, it’s just a gentle push to release, and then a gentle push back to re-engage. Great for tall doors to avoid reaching up to the top drop bolt! When it comes to opening either door, you can use Fantom as normal to stop the door and hold it open.

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