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Fantom Defender - Security + Doorstop

$79.95 AUD $99.95 AUD


Revolutionary security device for your home or office

Defender is slid from Security Mode to Doorstop Mode by the user pushing the magnet housing with their foot from side to side. The rare earth magnet inside the magnet housing activates floor pins either in Security Mode or Doorstop Mode, depending which mode is selected.

When in Security Mode, the Defender aligns with a floor pin/bollard that prevents the door from opening beyond the ‘conversation gap’ meaning the user can open the door to converse with the person at the door whilst remaining safe from any sudden intrusion attempts.

When in Doorstop Mode, the Defender will miss the floor pin closest to the closed position and instead activate on the floor pin that is positioned in the doorstop location. This will mean the Defender now acts as a trip hazard free, aesthetically pleasing doorstop.

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  • Acts as both a doorstop and a security device
  • Allows the door to open safely to a ‘conversation gap’
  • When in Security Mode, Fantom Defender blocks intruders from entering
  • Easy to install for both new builds and retro-fits.
  • Quick and easy to activate and deactivate
  • Fantom Defenders pin is activated in 2/25th’s of a second,
  • stopping your door instantly from unwanted intruders
  • Secures your house from burglars/intruders knocking down your door and breaking in
  • N35 Neodymium magnet
  • Cover plate magnet housing
  • SS backing plate
  • 2x Floor sleeves
  • 2x Clear OM Pins
  • 5x SS screws
  • Cover plate removal tool

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Installation instructions

Fantom Defender

The Fantom Defender combines modern aesthetics with reliable security and smooth functionality to provide you with two functional modes.

Key Benefits

Security + Doorstop

Stops Intruders 

No trip hazard