Can you install Fantom into carpet?
In short pile carpet – absolutely. It is suited to short pile carpet as you can push the sleeve down into the sub-floor to get good bearing without going to deep into the carpet pile. 

Long/deep pile carpet is harder and not advised due to the gap created between the door and the sleeve. (Because the door needs to flow over the carpet and the floor sleeve has to push deep into the pile. More than likely this will create a gap of more than 15mm max recommended.) We have a carpet punch available here.

IMPORTANT INSTALLATION TIP – When installing into carpet, you need to punch or cut away the area of carpet you are about to drill to remove the carpet pile. If you don’t, the carpet will wrap around your drill bit and will cause a run in your flooring. If you don’t have a carpet punch, you can use a Stanley knife or small chisel. 


How is the door released once it is engaged?

The Striker plate is designed with an entry/exit ramp on one side and also a stopping lip on the other side. In the middle there is a hold open area for when the door is resting in the hold open position. To release the pin and close the door simply pull on the door as you normally would and the pin will travel out of the dimple and slide off the plate until the door is free. The pin will then just fall back down into the sleeve. Simple and easy.