Fantom P1 Fingerprint Padlock – Fantom Hardware

Fantom P1 Fingerprint Padlock

$44.95 AUD $99.95 AUD


Tired of having too many passcodes? Sick of carrying around keys? With the Fantom P1 Fingerprint Padlock you can simply and safely lock and unlock with nothing but your fingerprint! 

Store up to 20 different fingerprints with the Fantom P1 Fingerprint Padlock. 

The perfect padlock for the gym locker, luggage, storage lockers, gates, fences and more. 

  • USB Charging 
  • Waterproof 
  • Dustproof 
  • Fingerprint Activated 
  • Stores 20 Different Fingerprints for up to 20 different users

*charging cable not included


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