Top 3 Ways To Feel Safe In Your Home – Fantom Hardware

If you live alone or have a family unit within your house, ensuring you feel safe is essential. Small, handy tips can make you and the family feel secure in your environment and diminish any worries.

We've got 3 top tips for you to incorporate into your home.


Brighten your surroundings

The dark is a big factor when it comes to feeling unsafe. Brightening your home with outside lighting and sensor lights will help you and the family feel at ease. Another handy tip is to keep small nightlights on during the night, even in the lesser-used parts of the home.

Install the Fantom Defender

The award-winning Fantom Defender is the world's ONLY doorstop + door-blocking security device. Mode-activated by foot, the Defender can be used to stop intruders from entering your home, or as a trip hazard-free doorstop with a hold-open function.

When in Security Mode, the Defender aligns with a floor pin that prevents the door from opening beyond the ‘conversation gap’. Meaning the user can open the door and converse with the person at the door, while remaining safe from any intrusion attempts.

Use a security system

Installing a security system is of utmost importance. We're talking about cameras, alarm systems - everything!

This is one of your best tools for feeling safe. It helps improve your overall safety, which will put your mind at ease throughout the day and night.

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